White Caladiums

White caladiums are impressive alone or mixed with other colors. Most white caladiums prefer shade or filtered sun. When planted in shade, white caladiums practically glow. Most have some degree of green. Moonlight’s green veins are very delicate whereas the veins of White Christmas are darker and more prominent. White Queen displays a red center with radiating veins of red.

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  1. Florida Fantasy

    Medium white leaf with red veins. Med height Can take full sun or tuck away in the shade Learn More
  2. Aaron

    White caladium Learn More
  3. Candidum

    >White leaves with green veins
  4. Height: Tall
  5. Leaf Size: Large
  6. Learn More
  • Gingerland Dwarf Caladium

    Light green leaves with pink/red spots and dark green edges. Learn More
  • Miss Muffet Dwarf Caladium

    White/light green leaves, with mauve splotches. Learn More
  • Moonlight Caladiums

    Pure white caladium from the University of FloridaGood Sun ToleranceMedium Height Learn More
  • Pearl Blush

  • Strawberry Star

    Strawberry Star is a white Fancy Leaf caladium with green mid veins and pinky-red spots throughout the top of the leaf.

    Strawberry Star performs well in shade or full sun and is a vigorous leaf producer.

    A University of Florida cultivar

    Sprouts in 32 days in spring and more quickly in summer months.

    Learn More
  • White Christmas

    Bright white leaves with dark green veins and edges Learn More
  • White Queen

    • Height: Tall
    • Leaf size: Large
    • Sun tolerant
    Learn More
  • White Wing Dwarf Caladium

    Stunning wing-shaped leaves of white with green markings. Learn More
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    11 Item(s)