Jumbo Caladiums Bulbs

Jumbo caladium bulbs produce more stems and leaves and a fuller plant.

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  1. Frog In A Blender -Jumbo Sized Bulbs

    Beautiful glowing lime variegated with rich green. This medium height fancy leaf caladium produces a ton of leaves for a big summer show. Great in full sun or shade. Don't miss this new caladium! Order as many or as few as you need! Learn More
  2. Florida roselight caladiums

  3. Pink Beauty

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    Pink Beauty caladiums have bright pink, mottled leaves with red veins and green edges. Pink Beauty caladium bulbs produce medium-size plants with medium height stems and medium to large leaves. Pink Beauty caladium prefers shaded sun. Caladium bulbs come in three sizes, #2 (medium), #1 (large), and jumbo. Larger bulbs produce more stems and leaves.

    Mottled pink center blending to green.

    Sun tolerance: medium

    Height: medium

    Leaf size: medium

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Grid List

3 Item(s)